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7 Awesome Ideas To Make Cash

In this lesson, I would like to show you about ideas to make cash. Many human beings are blessed with minds because God said in Deut.8:18: “And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth”. 

How does God give you power to get wealth? It is idea God gives you to get wealth. Idea is the starting point of all riches. But most people don’t recognize their ideas that can transform them into prosperity. They are too busy to read, think and act that can change their life.

Reading, thinking and acting what you learn will transform your financial poverty into your financial prosperity. Ideas are powerful you need to feed well. The rich are getting richer through thinking and acting. They take their time to read, think, plan and act that bring their results. They develop their minds through good thoughts and actions. 

They don’t feed their minds with bad thoughts by reading useless materials or gossip, jealousy, troublemaking, hatred, unforgiving, etc. That is where they become rich. Idea gets them where they are to get what they want. That is what I call it a vision.

In other words, the poor getting poor simply because they fail to take their time to read, think and act that lead them where they are to get what they want. They fail to cultivate their minds that change their life. They just feed their minds through negativity that keep them poor or keep them in dark.

God gives you two choices to choose one: Brain or Muscle. If you chose Brain and use it, you get 80% result out of your 20% effort. But if you choose Muscle and use it, you get 20% results out of your 80% effort. So if you want to get rich and stay rich, choose Brain. You have everything you need to be rich. Do you want to prosper in business online or offline? 

Do you want to get rich and financial freedom? Then make good use of your Brain to get where you want to be. Let me start with this tutorial: “Ideas To Make Cash”. It is talked about a book you can write and publish or another business you can start and make money.

                              7 Awesome Ideas To Make Cash

Idea # 1: Use information to develop your mind. Make a useful idea. Semi-literate or illiterate people use lucrative ideas or information to make them rich. Yes. It is true because ideas could expose them to different opportunities. 

Learn everything as if you want to prosper. Don’t expect free from people. The secret of success is to price for knowledge. Stop stealing information from people without pricing them for knowledge.

Idea# 2: Arrange and rearrange your idea or information that you collate from people if you want to publish your book or ebook. Don’t plagiarize people’s information into your own ideas. 

That is so bad. Plan if brightened idea is dropped in your mind. Plan what you want, who people are, what type of problem/needs you can proffer, how much you want to start and where you want to take your idea to the place you want to sell, etc.

Idea # 3: Analyze your information or idea by writing down your goal. Is your idea profitable? Can it be effect on people financially, spiritually, academically or otherwise? Ask yourself. Think about it yourself. Plan it yourself.

Idea # 4: Believe in your idea that can change your life. Believe that people will buy idea. Then act on this idea undoubtedly. Don’t let people daunt you from acting it. If it is wrong, change it or innovate it or replace it with another idea. Test it and see if it works.

Idea # 5: Create your idea into a product or service you want to sell or that will attract people into buying your sale. To keep customers back to you for more products or service, give them best service or product that benefit them at the best or lowest price they can ever afford in case that there is economic recession. Improve your idea well.

Idea # 6: Publish or advertise your product or service to people through your mouth, or advertising service offline if you can afford to or through the internet if you want to advertise your product to the world. Let people see or read what your product or service can do to benefit them before they buy your product/use your service in exchange for cash.

Idea #7: Make a partnership with someone who can fund your idea if necessary. Idea is important because it is lucrative. It can make you rich. Even if you don’t have idea you can use to make money, look who has idea and invest in it. Let me give you a good example of an African man who made millions he invested in an Asian man’s collapsed idea.

The African man saw that some customers complained that they needed dual SIM or two SIMs in one phone and they did not want two phones in different two SIMs. Then the African man discussed with Nokia and offered him if he could do it. But for his greed, Nokia refused because he wanted to make more sales. 

So the African man went to China and saw that an Asian white man who owned “Bird” phone business collapsed his phone-product business and then offered if he could do it. Then the African man brought the Asian man to Nigeria and invested in his manufacturing idea. 

Today, they become a world brand leader of TECNO and Infinix. They outsold Nokia after they made many mistakes. The African Ibo man was a capitalist with knowledge of marketing strategies as well as good recorder for business transaction while the Asian man was a technician as well as a manufacturer. 

You may ask me who this African man is. Then He is Nnamdi Ezeigbo, born Nigeria, as weel as He is CEO of SLOT, TECNO and Infinix. If you want to know more about him, click to visit this for information about him.

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