Monday, July 17, 2017

Producing And Selling A Laundry Detergent Packages Business- Is This Business Lucrative?

I welcome you to this article. I want to share with you this title above in this blog. Is selling of detergent business lucrative? You may ask. I say Great Yes because nobody can do anything in the kitchen, canteen, office, restaurant, toilet room, bathroom, and any place they can find themselves in without liquid soap, powder detergent and or laundry bar soap.

They need it. The truth is that soap is one of many products that people, both young and old can not do without soap. And as long as human beings exist, detergent soap will always be needed.

If you observe in this country, Nigeria, you will see the reason the soap is needed every where. If the detergent soap is needed, then it is lucrative. There are so many soap brands that have been in the markets for decades. Remember Lux, PZ cusson, Sunlight, Premier, Omo, Miss Bimbo, etc you see today in the market? Do you ever see any of these soap brand competitors collapse in business? None of them fold up or close down even economic recession because you and I still need soap or detergent from them. They still exist because you need them for your daily bread.

Therefore, this business is really lucrative because this soap business will give you residual income if you walk into this venture. Many unemployed or employed people or retirees are still ignorant about this opportunity. They just pour out money out of their sweat pocket daily on big soap players like Temtmosol, Lux, etc who just go get water and mix it with chemicals into bar soap, laundry liquid soap or detergent soap and offer them deceiving packages.

That is why they make money every day from this business. What awe! What shall you do now? Would you like to allow them to give you a deceiving and delicious detergent package and collect money from you daily? It is time to be ready to roll up your sleeves now. Are you ready? Good!

There are two optional ways you can set up a business and earn residual income for life. If you want to earn millions every day in a month like PZ, Lux, etc, I recommend you as a big player. You should be as an accredited investor or industrialist.

But if you want to earn thousands daily producing and selling soap or detergent packages in hand or manually, I recommend you as a laborer of employment. When your package become popular because of its demand, then you can move to factory as an industrialist by buying soap milling machines. To grow big starts small as a cradle by learning mistakes you make.

If you are a type of a person that doesn’t have accreditation in your pocket or hate labour of employment because of stress, I recommend you as a soap-detergent wholesaler or distributor for soap brands by buying and selling different soap or detergent brands at wholesale and retail in your own warehouse, and you will make up to one or more thousands daily, relying on patronage or location.

If you buy and distribute cartons of detergent or soap immediately to wholesalers at the international market as a major distributor, you are a money spinner, but remember you must be an accredited investor. It means you must have full of cash on your hand because the lorry will be parked to you with load of detergent or soap cartons at the popular market in your order.

I hope you benefit from this lesson? Any comment or question? You are most welcome to drop your comment here in this comment box.

Thank you for reading this lesson.

Happy distributor!

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