Small Business Marketing TIPS

There are simple ways to get customers through your publicising distribution business without spending much money. How do you do it? Let me write it here as follow:

1. Once you have a product that you want to sell as a distributor, you need to let customers know where you operate. That is STICKERS, FLYERS and HANDBILLS that will work for you since you can not be every where. They are not so expensive to print. You can send your employees, friends, etc to help in dropping the flyers or handbills to people at strategic places such as churches, eateries, etc. The more people know where you operate, the more the chances of some of them visit you or giving you a call.

2. For social networking sites, it is important that you should register as a member. It is free. They will help in publicize your distribution business. Big companies like OGTV, Guiness plc, etc use the popular networking sites such as facebook, twitter, myspace, linkedin, youtube, skype to broadcast their products or services. They have power because they have a lot of traffic that help in driving the traffic to your business. All you can do is to post messages regularly about your service or product including scanning a flyer if necessary, so as to let potential clients know what your distribution business is. It is good because it would do your (distribution) business good to catch the clients.

3. There are other bulks SMS you can do to remind potential customers of the services or products you offer for sales. You can register some of Bulk SMS sites that sell as low as #1 per text, to send bulk SMS to your regular customers, thanking them for patronage and encouraging them to patron your business. All you can is to create a number data base of your customers you collected from and send bulk SMS to them. By registering as a member, you need to type Bulk SMS directories and see what they come out through Google

4. There are also souvenirs you give free for festival events about your business. The souvenirs are like calendars, diaries, pens, greeting cards, exercise books, mugs, etc you can choose either of them according to your financial strength and distribute them some where. It is good. It helps in remembering customers or other people about your distribution business.

5. Remember, there is a saying that no one is an island of knowledge. So, you need to make a partnership with other event businesses to build your business or improve your business well. What one business owner don’t have to sell what you have will call you to sell your product or service or direct customers to you while what you don’t have what you know they have will send customers to them or call them. That is called union.

Last, remember, One advertisement guru said, “If you don’t say here I am, nobody will ask where you are?” So, if you know you have patented a product or service that will bring you success, go all your way to tell the world about it. –Joseph Fakorede. So tell it. Preach it. Show it because you are the number one marketer of your distribution business.

I enjoy you enjoy reading this article? Can’t find what you look for? Try Google Search there. Thank you for regular reading. Stay tune with me next week Sunday by God’s grace.