Tuesday, July 31, 2012


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Now, let me access this article. Last time I received the same title above from some business searchers online six (6) times, requiring that I should explain about it above. However, let me quote again what God promises in the bible which I do not remember what a chapter and a verse. So God said: “I will bless the work of your hands. And whatever you lay your hands on shall prosper”.

This word is a great promise for everybody whether they are Muslim or Christian because He is a big Businessman in the world. But God still can’t bless you for your prosperity until you lay your hands on any business you want to become. God can’t imagine what you want to become before He bless the work of your hands.

He does not know which talents you want to use to become wealthy or successful in business because you have many inside talents God provided during your birth.

Read this story from the Bible as an example here:
When God felt strong smell from King Solomon’s sacrifice, but before He blessed him, he did not know which King Solomon wanted Him to do for him, He visited him through his dream and asked him.

“What do you want me to do for you, Solomon?”

“Just give me wisdom to rule people”, said Solomon.

“Only one wisdom!?”, said God in surprise. “Do you not want to add anything?”

“Yes”, said Solomon.

“Okay, Solomon. I will give you wisdom what you require. But I will add you to become so wealthy in the world. Nobody will be equal to you”.

Today king Solomon became a prosperous ruler in Israel because he laid his hands on business by asking God for giving him wisdom to rule people by improving economy in his country. That is likely what God said: whatever “YOU”, not any body –your parents, your friends, your pastor, relations, teachers, etc lay your hands on business shall prosper.

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God bless the work of King Solomon’s hands because he laid his hands on business, claiming that he wanted wisdom from Him so that he could rule people prosperously in his country. I would like to share with you another true-life story next days. Thank you, dear readers. Any question or comment you want to share, you are welcome to this comment box below.



  1. What a blessing! I was able to listen and receive further clarification from the Lord regarding my God given Business in the world. The area of Business identified has been my greatest area of challenge. I realised that the challenge does not require giving up but prayerfully finding another way to fulfil the Business.
    Thanks for your obedience to the Lord.

    1. Nkechi, i thank you for your comment. i enjoy reading your comment. i pray that whatever you lay your hand on business idea you received from the Lord will and do will prosper. Thanks.

  2. Quote'whatever'.Is there any kind of job God detests? Like, as a Christian.. Is running a beer parlour a sin?

    1. Yes. God detests any job that belongs to Satan. Assuming that you sell drugs that destroy people's expensive life and you tithe To God you make profit from this satanic business, you report it to Him that you are going to kill people and you will be under His judge at the end time.

      Yes. It is a sin if Christian runs a beer parlour. therefore, Christian should not run a beer parlour. You are free to run a beer parlour if you are ignorant of God's warning against that sin.

      i know this business is so profitable. That is why some smart investors take advantage of this opportunity.

      God put between life and death. It is up to you to choose either. if you choose illegal business or job because you know people love it and can spend on this foolishness daily, you choose death even if you do not drink beer or if you are a christian.

      How can a Christian preach a drunkard when he sees that he is a beer business owner? Impossible!

      The truth is that Satan will annoy and challenge God if He tried to bless this illegal business any body put their hands on since it is a sin against Him.
      So christian should not do that.

      whatever is different what i means. Be careful. i see that some Christians do businesses that are opposite to God because of money. it is up to them.