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Remember I promise that I would like to share with you another true-life story in part 1 next days? Now I will like to share with you this article. But if you do not read about the title of the last article in part 1, I recommend you to read  this article. And if you have read this article before, then read this article here:

One day there was an American-white man who graduated from his school and yet he did not find a job. So he went and met Pastor R.W.Schambach. And he told him he needed a job. Then Bro.Schambach asked the man to knee down. Before he prayed for him, he asked him:
        “What type of a job do you want to do?”
        “Anything you like, pastor”, replied the man.
Then Brother Schambach put his hand on this man and said to God:
        “Lord, give this man a shoemaking (cobbling) business”.
But this white man angrily threw Brother Schambach’s hand away from his head, saying:
        “Shoe making, bro.Schambach?! Not me!”
        “Then what type of a job do you really want to do for living?”
After considering it for a few minutes, then he said:
        “Computer Engineering”.
And the pastor put his hand on this man again, saying:
        “Lord, give this man a computer engineer job”.
When he finished praying, he told the white man:
        “Rise up tomorrow and put on your polite clothes (suit). Go out with a letter, looking for a job somewhere”.
To his surprise, the white man got a job as a computer engineer manager at the same time after obeying what the pastor said.

Remember I explained you about a story of King Solomon in part1? As Pastor Schambach had no imagined what type of business the white man wanted to lay his hand on, so God had no imagined what you really want to lay your hand on business for life before God bless the work of your hands because you have many inside talents He provided for your future during your birth.

Just lay your hand on what you really want to do for life and you shall prosper. Even if your parents oppose it, or your relations, friends, etc, never let them scare you from laying your hand on what you really want to do for life. Believe that whatever you lay your hand on business to do shall prosper.

Even though people in your community say you can’t become a great writer like Robert Allen, Napoleon Hills, Robert Schuller, Robert Kiyosaki because you are not good at English or you are deaf, never let them stop you from laying your hand on what you really want to do for life. 

How did Warren buffet become the second richest man in the world listed in the Forbes magazine by Forbes? Is it what he made money from shares? No, he was quoted as a saying: “I always knew I am going to be so rich. I don’t think I doubt it for a minute”. He laid his hand on investment business as if he predicted he would one day become so rich even if there was a risk on the Stock Market. 

Today he still becomes the richest and greatest investor in the world. Many people still make a sound in his name from onwards. Laying your hand on any product to do even your financial status or your poor background shall bring you great success because God promises that He will bless the work of your hands and whatsoever you lay your hand on shall prosper. 

Even if you have a financial status or your money is too small to start a business or any project and you suddenly get a new idea that you want to start a business or a divine idea from God that you should start a business or a project, just lay your hand on business to do and see the result. 

I love Mrs Adeola Igumbor, the great prosperous Nigerian as the MOUKA foams major distributor’s quote because it is so beautiful and sweet. She was quoted as a saying as a warning as I read in the Financial and Investment weekly newspaper: I believe in one thing: Whatever you have, start with it. Don’t wait for when it is huge; even if it is #1, start with it.

Remember what I shared with you about a Nigerian undergraduate who made over #60,000 starting Boss-Suit business with just #200 he got allowance from his mother? This man did not have great capital to start a business (BOSS SUIT) which required great capital. 

And yet he decided to lay his hand on this business after he said in his mind as he suddenly a divine idea from The Lord, ‘BOSS SUIT business’, “How can I start a business when I don’t have great capital?”. His faith in God by laying his hand on this business which he suddenly got a divine idea from Him carried him great prosper quickly in less than two months. 

What can I say this more? Okay. Let me drop my pen there for another more on any topic next week by God’s grace. Do you have any question or comment or topic you want me to share with you? Then you are most welcome to this comment below the box. Thank you, my dear readers. I hope you enjoy this article?

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  1. This article is an answer to my prayers. I have the business idea and God brought experts in the field to help guide me. I only have one car right now. I was looking at this car the wrong way. I have a car, software to reserve the car for carsharing by the touch of a button on the phone, know the need and can supply it. I have a website. I have a business plan, projected financials, investors package. This all came from Him and the the team He brought to me. After reading this, I realize I don't have to wait, I can market proudly with the one product I have. God will bring the rest of them. He has been equipping me and is blessing the work of my hands.Thank you!