Monday, July 17, 2017

Producing And Selling A Laundry Detergent Packages Business- Is This Business Lucrative?

I welcome you to this article. I want to share with you this title above in this blog. Is selling of detergent business lucrative? You may ask. I say Great Yes because nobody can do anything in the kitchen, canteen, office, restaurant, toilet room, bathroom, and any place they can find themselves in without liquid soap, powder detergent and or laundry bar soap.

They need it. The truth is that soap is one of many products that people, both young and old can not do without soap. And as long as human beings exist, detergent soap will always be needed.

If you observe in this country, Nigeria, you will see the reason the soap is needed every where. If the detergent soap is needed, then it is lucrative. There are so many soap brands that have been in the markets for decades. Remember Lux, PZ cusson, Sunlight, Premier, Omo, Miss Bimbo, etc you see today in the market? Do you ever see any of these soap brand competitors collapse in business? None of them fold up or close down even economic recession because you and I still need soap or detergent from them. They still exist because you need them for your daily bread.

Therefore, this business is really lucrative because this soap business will give you residual income if you walk into this venture. Many unemployed or employed people or retirees are still ignorant about this opportunity. They just pour out money out of their sweat pocket daily on big soap players like Temtmosol, Lux, etc who just go get water and mix it with chemicals into bar soap, laundry liquid soap or detergent soap and offer them deceiving packages.

That is why they make money every day from this business. What awe! What shall you do now? Would you like to allow them to give you a deceiving and delicious detergent package and collect money from you daily? It is time to be ready to roll up your sleeves now. Are you ready? Good!

There are two optional ways you can set up a business and earn residual income for life. If you want to earn millions every day in a month like PZ, Lux, etc, I recommend you as a big player. You should be as an accredited investor or industrialist.

But if you want to earn thousands daily producing and selling soap or detergent packages in hand or manually, I recommend you as a laborer of employment. When your package become popular because of its demand, then you can move to factory as an industrialist by buying soap milling machines. To grow big starts small as a cradle by learning mistakes you make.

If you are a type of a person that doesn’t have accreditation in your pocket or hate labour of employment because of stress, I recommend you as a soap-detergent wholesaler or distributor for soap brands by buying and selling different soap or detergent brands at wholesale and retail in your own warehouse, and you will make up to one or more thousands daily, relying on patronage or location.

If you buy and distribute cartons of detergent or soap immediately to wholesalers at the international market as a major distributor, you are a money spinner, but remember you must be an accredited investor. It means you must have full of cash on your hand because the lorry will be parked to you with load of detergent or soap cartons at the popular market in your order.

I hope you benefit from this lesson? Any comment or question? You are most welcome to drop your comment here in this comment box.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Whatever You Put Your Hand To Will Prosper: Claim And Act

In past time, I shared with you about the title in two parts, “Whatever You Lay Your Hands On Shall Prosper”. Now, today, I would like to share with you about more information in a new title, “Whatever You Put Your Hand To will Prosper: Claim And Act” in this blog because the old title is made high insight daily in reading. So, in this lesson, I would like to show you about how you can prosper in whatever you put your hand to.

Your tongue is powerful. It can make you prosperous or failure, depending on what you say. You become what you say you put your hands on. You get what you say in your mouth. Putting your hands to means claiming what you want. Do you want to become a multi-millionaire or a billionaire? Take your money out of your pocket and put your hand on money, saying in a shout three times: “I want to become wealthy in future” and act it.

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, put your hand on any type of business you want to start, claim boldly: "I want to become a successful entrepreneur and act it seriously".

If you want to become a best gospel preacher in the world, put your hand on Bible and claim it: "I want to become a best preacher in the world". Say it boldly. Do it three times. If you want to be of wisdom like King Solomon in a government control, in controlling economy, school, in exams, trade, or business, in writing or any position, put your hand on your forehead and claim three times, I want to be wise like King Solomon.

You can not become great successful in leading, in school, in controlling, in writing, etc without divine wisdom. If you want to become a best seller, a best leader, best governor, president, best footballer, successful entrepreneur, king/or queen, doctor, or any other career, etc, put your hand on any of this and claim it three times, just as Joseph in the bible claimed his dream to his father, Jacob and his eldest siblings two times God showed him for his future. A closed mouth is a closed destiny, as Bishop Oyedepo was quoted to say.

Claiming means faith. You believe that whatever you say will come to pass. Whatever you put your hand to do shall prosper. Let me share with you some cases as an example. I do not remember what I read stories in books because it is a longer time ago. I will try to tell you some stories as much as I can remember. Please don’t quote me in this story.

You know Robert Schuller? How come he built his own beautiful church Tower? When he read and found what God Promised in the Old Testament, then he went out with his Bible and put his feet on this land and proclaimed that he would be going to build this church. Whatever he said came to pass.

The second case is that a Nigerian man I read in Success Digest newspaper a long time ago. That man dreamed of his own building. But he said even if I don’t have millions to build a house, I will go and build this land.

So he went out to walk around the uncompleted building to recognize how much he thought he would go to build that building and came back home each time as if he had already money for building. May be he was accused, saying “How can you go around the building and recognize it every day when you don’t have millions to buy that land?”

So when he came to this point and noticed it around as if he owned it, then he called an estate agent and said “Any seller who wanted to sell land, remember me first. I want to buy the land even half”. So he planned to save money for the purpose of a building. But he made a mistake because he yet planned it when the agent ran up to his rented house in just two days after and informed him some body wanted to sell the land.

And the man did not give the agent an excuse. He just ran and met the old man who wanted to sell land, being led by the agent. When the old man saw who wanted to buy that his land, he took him to this land and said I want to sell land to you. 

Then the man said to the old man, knowing he really did not have enough money to buy that, ‘Yes, I am ready to buy that land if you agreed with me’. Then the old man said,’ Yes. I am ready, what agreement is it?’ Then the man said, ‘Can I pay you installment?’ To his surprise, the old man accepted it quickly. That was how he began processing till he completed his own house. He said in interview that when he noticed around the building, then he laid his hand on that building, claiming that he would go to build that same land even if i have little money in my savings bank.

Until you put your hand to, your faith will not work. Once you put your hand to, your faith begins working. Even if you are not good at English, put your hand on English Textbook or grammar, saying boldly three times, I will go to be good at English even best. If you are broke, put your hand into your pocket, saying three times, I will have money. I will go and get money.

Say boldly to money in your right hand, “You are a just a paper. I will go and use you as a tool to make me rich and you will serve me and my family for life”. Faith won’t work in your life you don’t put hand on what you want for future. Bible said Psalm 1: 3-4: “He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his lead also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. Faith will begin if you claim you will go to have and act it.

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7 Awesome Ideas To Make Cash

In this lesson, I would like to show you about ideas to make cash. Many human beings are blessed with minds because God said in Deut.8:18: “And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth”. 

How does God give you power to get wealth? It is idea God gives you to get wealth. Idea is the starting point of all riches. But most people don’t recognize their ideas that can transform them into prosperity. They are too busy to read, think and act that can change their life.

Reading, thinking and acting what you learn will transform your financial poverty into your financial prosperity. Ideas are powerful you need to feed well. The rich are getting richer through thinking and acting. They take their time to read, think, plan and act that bring their results. They develop their minds through good thoughts and actions. 

They don’t feed their minds with bad thoughts by reading useless materials or gossip, jealousy, troublemaking, hatred, unforgiving, etc. That is where they become rich. Idea gets them where they are to get what they want. That is what I call it a vision.

In other words, the poor getting poor simply because they fail to take their time to read, think and act that lead them where they are to get what they want. They fail to cultivate their minds that change their life. They just feed their minds through negativity that keep them poor or keep them in dark.

God gives you two choices to choose one: Brain or Muscle. If you chose Brain and use it, you get 80% result out of your 20% effort. But if you choose Muscle and use it, you get 20% results out of your 80% effort. So if you want to get rich and stay rich, choose Brain. You have everything you need to be rich. Do you want to prosper in business online or offline? 

Do you want to get rich and financial freedom? Then make good use of your Brain to get where you want to be. Let me start with this tutorial: “Ideas To Make Cash”. It is talked about a book you can write and publish or another business you can start and make money.

                              7 Awesome Ideas To Make Cash

Idea # 1: Use information to develop your mind. Make a useful idea. Semi-literate or illiterate people use lucrative ideas or information to make them rich. Yes. It is true because ideas could expose them to different opportunities. 

Learn everything as if you want to prosper. Don’t expect free from people. The secret of success is to price for knowledge. Stop stealing information from people without pricing them for knowledge.

Idea# 2: Arrange and rearrange your idea or information that you collate from people if you want to publish your book or ebook. Don’t plagiarize people’s information into your own ideas. 

That is so bad. Plan if brightened idea is dropped in your mind. Plan what you want, who people are, what type of problem/needs you can proffer, how much you want to start and where you want to take your idea to the place you want to sell, etc.

Idea # 3: Analyze your information or idea by writing down your goal. Is your idea profitable? Can it be effect on people financially, spiritually, academically or otherwise? Ask yourself. Think about it yourself. Plan it yourself.

Idea # 4: Believe in your idea that can change your life. Believe that people will buy idea. Then act on this idea undoubtedly. Don’t let people daunt you from acting it. If it is wrong, change it or innovate it or replace it with another idea. Test it and see if it works.

Idea # 5: Create your idea into a product or service you want to sell or that will attract people into buying your sale. To keep customers back to you for more products or service, give them best service or product that benefit them at the best or lowest price they can ever afford in case that there is economic recession. Improve your idea well.

Idea # 6: Publish or advertise your product or service to people through your mouth, or advertising service offline if you can afford to or through the internet if you want to advertise your product to the world. Let people see or read what your product or service can do to benefit them before they buy your product/use your service in exchange for cash.

Idea #7: Make a partnership with someone who can fund your idea if necessary. Idea is important because it is lucrative. It can make you rich. Even if you don’t have idea you can use to make money, look who has idea and invest in it. Let me give you a good example of an African man who made millions he invested in an Asian man’s collapsed idea.

The African man saw that some customers complained that they needed dual SIM or two SIMs in one phone and they did not want two phones in different two SIMs. Then the African man discussed with Nokia and offered him if he could do it. But for his greed, Nokia refused because he wanted to make more sales. 

So the African man went to China and saw that an Asian white man who owned “Bird” phone business collapsed his phone-product business and then offered if he could do it. Then the African man brought the Asian man to Nigeria and invested in his manufacturing idea. 

Today, they become a world brand leader of TECNO and Infinix. They outsold Nokia after they made many mistakes. The African Ibo man was a capitalist with knowledge of marketing strategies as well as good recorder for business transaction while the Asian man was a technician as well as a manufacturer. 

You may ask me who this African man is. Then He is Nnamdi Ezeigbo, born Nigeria, as weel as He is CEO of SLOT, TECNO and Infinix. If you want to know more about him, click to visit this for information about him.

If you find this article, “Ideas to Make Cash”, worth reading, share with other people on social media sites this link. No plagiarism please! I hope you enjoy this article? Then stay tune with me next time for information. Thank you for reading this article. Any question or comment you want to share? You are most welcome to this comment box below. No spam please.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to Start Internet Business With Just $100 And Make Fast Turnover

One of the most lucrative business ideas any one can start where you are and  make a quick turnover from is internet business

Why do I say this is the best and oldest business? It is because this internet business open only 24 hours every day for internet netpreneurs to do business whether they are there or not. This internet only gives you stress free once you go into internet venture.

Nothing this online business requires you official equipments, large start-up capital, C.A.C registration, etc like offline business outside this internet. What this business requires you to do business online is yearly domain name registration, monthly hosting website registration and paid or free optional traffic.

It does not cost you more than $100, depending on type of internet services you select to rent. What makes you a fast turnover from the internet weekly, monthly and yearly is YOU. You must believe in yourself and have the ability to do it. Nothing makes you an internet millionaire till you believe in yourself and have the ability to do it yourself. 

Once you lay your hands on what you believe you can do successfully and do it by applying some instructions, there is nothing you won’t make a fast profit from the internet. Therefore, if you want to earn fast money from business in the internet, you have something to sell online. You have to sell online. You have to sell products online.

Until you are selling products on the internet you select, there is nothing you can make money from that internet business. If you want to make money from that business, you must sell something. You must sell online to make money. Nothing happens until you sell something, as the old adage goes. 

Both international and local entrepreneurs become internet millionaires because they sell something online. Yaro, an owner of Entrepreneurs-Journey made $20,000 every month because he sold it. Steve Pavilna made more than $100,000 selling information from his website. Zappos made over $1billion selling different types of shoes in his online store.

You may say what about Nigerians? I do not know how much smart Nigerian netpreneurs make money every month from their businesses in internet.
But yet they do it. Olaide Alim makes big profit daily selling from his websites and also Fiverr business on the internet. Bamidele Onibalusi made $5000 every month selling freelance in his online service. 

May be one Nigerian who owns Nairaland makes $2000, or $5000 every month from his Adsense forum without sweat because this site is most visited and appeared in the first rank every day unstopping I ever see.

Ken Kwankwo is most respected in the internet because he is trusted and honest. I am his forum member. He makes a million daily from his Adsense forum and selling different hot products and services on the internet.

Bola Oni, Samson Olatunde, Simson, etc make money every month because they sell either products or service or both. Selling products online brings you financial freedom. It brings you a fast profit for life if you select grain and show it to people who look for. 

It does not matter what type of business you can do to make money on the internet. What matters is to find any other product or service according to people’s hunger or according to your knowledge/skills, sell it to them to make good cash from internet business. 

Millions of people still visit the internet for solution, health, relationship, business, entertainment, money, shop, education, etc. That is where smart netpreneurs come in to make money online. Instead of joining the internet for entertainment, or for yahooboyz, join the internet for business and you make money with it for life.

The fast profit gotten from business internet is the money earned from people who pay for the products or service in exchange for cash. Do you get it? Even if you don’t have products or service to sell on the internet, you can join other legitimate sites such as Adsense, Fiverr, ShareAsale, Sharecas , etc and make money with it on your blog. Simply?

Any question you want to ask or add your opinion? Then you are welcome to share with me in this blog below the comment box. Thank you for reading this article.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How To Access Money For Business


                How To Access Money For Business

Most entrepreneurial youths need money for business. They need money evil for their business. They need money to raise to finance their projects or their business ideas. They can not do anything even if they have good idea for business without somebody’s support for business.

They need some investors to fund their ideas which are called a loan for business. Are you one of them? Don’t worry. Let me help you with this tutorial. This tutorial, "how to access money for business", is a lesson that help you understand best.

Borrowing money from somebody else or from financial institutions for one’s or start-up business or business expandable business is the power of leverage because Robert Kiyosaki was said that leverage is the key to great wealth. And also he said that the leverage is the ability to do more with less.

With the leverage, you can make fast money from business because using the leverage from other people helps in increasing your business or expanding your business or starting your business as early as quick. But the truth is that borrowing the leverage (loan) from people or financial institutions to start your business idea without considering customers first is such a risk.

What if you borrow money to finance a business or to start a project and you still do not make money from customers? How do you pay off your debts when your patronage is irregular? Read this quote from Dr.C.M.Maduka: ‘A business is nothing if it has no customers’.

Therefore, that is why customers are important because they are kings and queens which can either throne or dethrone your business, depending on your products or service. So, all you need to borrow for your project is to start on the platform of creating customers first.

Most of the highly successful mega businesses some where in the world like Donald Trump, Google, Facebook, Aliko Dangote, Jim Ovie, etc don’t look for money to start their businesses or expand their business. What they look for is to start on the platform of creating customers because they want to know whether their patronage is well-improved or not.

Once they are well-patronized or they find customers still demand from them, then they can start to look for money to increase their businesses or expand their business or start a big business because they know they can use customers to pay off their debts immediately since they stick to their products or service regularly.

Google, Ditto for Yahoo, Facebook and other big businessmen used that strategy to become the huge business phenomenon. They don’t like to use financial leverage or borrow money to start their projects without creating customers firstly. Google, Yahoo and Facebook and other companies created enough customers before they went to the Capital Market to raise money to increase their businesses. That is so beautiful that everybody must follow their good example.

However, most entrepreneurial beginners are now debtors where they borrowed money for their projects because they have poor or irregular patronage. They do not consider customers well before they raise money to finance their project. A proverb said as a warning: ‘Do not put the cart before the horse’. Don’t look for money to start a business idea before you create customers. You should start a project with your own capital or money before you borrow. You should go after customers as a test or first before you look for money. Right? Good!

Now I would like to give you the following step-by-step guides you can apply. Here is what you should know about how to access money for business.

STEP1: Identify what people really need or what they want or what they like to spend.

STEP2: Then create a product or service with your own money first or with little capital as a test because it is said to build big business, start small.

STEP3: Then go to customers and offer them at low price or offer them a sample freely if necessary, to know if they like your products or not.

STEP4: once they like your product or service and still demand from it, then go and look for money to increase your business or to start big business. That is so simple! Try and see it.

Once you improve your business by following these steps, then come back to share with us how it works for you. I hope you enjoy this article? If so, why not buy me a drink?

If you want to buy me a drink, please contact me for. Thank you for reading this. Please share with others this article on your social media sites if you find it worth reading to others. I will meet you again next week by God’s grace. Please stay tune with us. Thanks.

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How To Earn $3-$4 Every Day Selling Links Without Investment


             How To Earn Money Quick Online

Selling links?! How does it mean? Let me as a blogger, Goldmine Distribution Business (GoldmineDistriBz) share with you in this tutorial. Do you sell your ebook on Amazon, Lulu, etc or on your own blog? Do you find that people still hesitate to move to buy your ebook even if it is hot? Don’t worry. Just wash away tears with your kerchief. Do not pain if they refuse to buy ebooks from you. Let me help with this tutorial. Even if they do not move to buy any one of ebooks/software from you, you will earn more than $ 20 in a day daily selling linked shares or giving them free linked shares.

Whether they click on your sharing links to buy digital products or not, you will still earn money online everyday. How? Let me guide you with these tricked steps that will help you to earn money fast daily.

Do you have ebook or software at home that you find that people are not ready to buy they promised as I experienced? Do you have ebooks you sold on published sites like Lulu, KDP Amazon, etc and people still search for free ebook from KDP Amazon through Google Search you may ever notice in? Then the solution is here.

Do not waste your time if people do not move to buy your digital products. Let us start with this tutorial in which you should follow about how to earn money quick online:

          How To Earn More Money Daily Sharing Links With Your Friends

Step#1: Click here to sign for an account. It is just free as I did. This is the best that can help you to prosper under your expectation. After registering it with your valid personal details, then wait because you make a lot of money if you plan what you follow these steps here. 

Even if you dont have any ditigal product/software you sold on published service like KDP Amazon, you can earn money everyday if you follow these steps here. 

Step#2: Go get Your Ebook/ (or software) where you kept at home there for sale. Collate and create some important information into the Microsoft office words in chapters each at the same title (if it is hot) for free from your ebook or you can summarize some information into this MOWs in chapters each from ebook. It could be 15 pages or more than 10 pages in chapters each if you like.

Step#3: Then link your adverting sale from ebook publishing service or your webpage sales into these MOWs at the above or below. And convert them into PDF using free PDF Software if you have at home or using PDF service online.

Step#4: Go to Shareca service and upload the PDF file into this service. After that, generate the linked code for the PDF file by following instructions from Shareca service.

Step#5: After finishing this, you will get the special link-locked code. Then go to people who want to read free information from you or disappointed you they promised to buy from you later or hunger for information and place the locked code where they often visit your blog to read for information on health, etc or you know where they often visit social media sites/forums or they call you for ebook they are interested in. Whatever you give away for free you will get back in buckets.

Step#6: Whatever they click that locked share link to open for information to read, you will earn money every day whether they buy this affiliate product you promote or this ebook you sold from KDP Amazon or not. The more you spread your linked shares through traffic, the more you earn money. 

If you find they are not willing to buy because they want free, give them your linked shares for free and you will get back exponentially from them. Even if you don’t have ebooks at home, you can start earning money daily if you choose what is popular or what people look they want to read or you can choose hot topice , create your own ebook on this topice and uploading ebooks or PDF files into the shareca service

And it can work. Learn more about how to work by visiting this free sign up to learn their secrets. 

But never use top sellers’ebooks to sell linked shares if you see they have copyright laws in their ebooks or never use bloggers’ popular contents to sell it if you see they have copyright laws marked on their blog at the footer or sidebar.

It is dangerous if you try it because shareca service has so strict policy. Don’t use porn video, illicit-sex articles to make money by selling links to people. Since sharca pay you, don’t try by doing illegally. Respect their policies. However, this article, “How to earn money quick online” is a lesson that helps you understand how to work better.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial? Share this link with others friends through social media sites, forums. Do you have any question or comment you want to ask or share what you read? Then drop your comment here in this box comment. No spam please. Don’t expect backlinks from this blog. Thanks.

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Note: This Shareca service I refer you to join to make money selling download links is scam. Don't join because i found d it is a scam when i tested. I am sorry because i make wrong. Thank you for understanding and cooperation.

Monday, February 13, 2017

How To Earn Quick Cash From Internet Cybercafé

Earning quick cash from cybercafe
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                 How To Earn Quick Cash From Cybercafe 

You are wasting your time because a person who owns cybercafé business make money selling tickets to you for browsing you are spending money on daily for fun while big companies like Google, facebook, etc make money each time you search for information through their advertisements, log in for entertainment, fun, etc and out if you don’t use cybercafé to earn quick cash by selling any product or service. If you want to earn cash from cybercafé, you must learn how to use cybercafé to sell something.

Do you often use cybercafé to learn something, chat with friends, to entertain, read news, to send and receive emails, etc? Then learn how to use cybercafé to make money, not make fun or entertainment. 

If you don’t have any smart phone or laptop or desktop to sell your knowledge, skills or something at home, learn to use cybercafé to sell something until you have enough money to buy modem, laptop or Smartphone. Do you want to sell ebook on forum, KDP amazon, to sell something on Ebay, promote your business, sell foods, etc? Then use internet cybercafé as an advertiser/ publisher.\

$ 27 Free Ebook: Fast Cash Secrets: Ways To Make Money Online From Home

Internet cybercafé is a tool that help you reach the world with your product/ or service you proffer. Many million people any where in the global village use smart phone/desktop to learn something from bloggers, read news, search for solutions, to buy something they look for, etc daily if you can proffer them. So let GoldmineDistriBiz share with you about her experiences. What lesson do you learn about how to earn quick cash from internet cybercafe? This article is what you should learn about.

        How To Start Earning Quick Cash From Internet Cybercafé

Step 1: Decide what type of work you want to lay your hand on as an entrepreneur online/offline. Be it an importer, be it an exporter, be it a freelancer, be it a blogger, ebook publisher, trader, designer, etc.

Step 2: Create new real primary email using either Gmail or Yahoomail for business reason if you don’t have. To prevent hackers from entering your private business is to create strong password for email address.

Step 3: Sign up international third-party payment service for business transaction. You might not be able to receive dollars from global payment village for your service/product using local visa card or western transfer.

You must use third-party payment services to send or receive dollars to your local bank if you want to sell something and or if you want to work with top companies like Amazon, etc that help you to receive dollars from people for you. Go and click third-party service here to sign up with your personal real information. This payoneer site is the best service I ever know.

Step 4: sign up Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedlin, Pinterest because you can make cash through people on social media sites they see your offer they need. Make friends as many as possible before you offer something you want to sell or introduce them to companies you work with.

Step 5: Create something special that interest people or promote products/ service to people. The secret is to write something that will help you to win the trust of people. Do you want to sell your knowledge/skills/service/products? First listen what people say about or read what people complain about one or other problems and write something that will win people’s trust.

Learn something more like internet marketing tools before you do. It is not enough that I teach you about in this blog. I know it take me long to teach you about how to use cybercafé tools to earn cash from global payment village.

Internet Cybercafé has many different marketing tools in which I can not teach you all. Okay? I hope you enjoy this article. Do you want to ask a question or say about this article? You are welcome to drop your comment here in this comment box. No spam please.

Lastly, this article, “how to earn quick cash from internet cybercafe” from internet cybercafé is a lesson in which you should learn how you can do to make money online.

To Become A Millionaire By Learning These articles

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Learn What Can I Sell To Make Quick Money?

The often question I received from users online they look in my blog is “What can I sell to make quick money”. There are some different optional ways they can learn what can they or I sell to make quick money. Are you looking to learn what can I sell to make quick money? Do you want to know how can you make quick turnover or profit online selling? Or do you want to know which product you can make quick money online selling online business?

Then here is what you are looking for. There is one expert I would like to share with you his knowledge about what can I sell to make quick money in this blog. This article is credited to the contributor from another well-known writing-article website. The name of this contribution is Dong Tang. He will share with you what he knows better. Go and enjoy this article here:

   What Can I Sell To Make Money Now? By Dong Tang

So I've been doing some research on what can I sell to make money, and I have found that you can literally sell anything and to anyone these days. Through my research I've come to realize that the opportunities online are almost endless as you can reach an audience of over thousands and millions worldwide. 

Honestly there is so much money to be made selling things online that the little guy such as myself and start from as little as nothing and become very rich. So have you ever wanted to start your own business online but always asking yourself "what can I sell to make money"? Well this article will help you be more clear of what you want.

             What Can I sell To Make Money Fast?

Well the ways that you can start if you simply want to make money as fast as possible. Perhaps maybe you are stuck for cash and want to make a few bucks, then these are the two options you can follow. The first is to look into your garage or attic and find items that are no use to you anymore and then listing them on eBay.

Online Venture business Ideas

eBay is still a viable place to list your items on auctions because of the amount of traffic (visitors) they get to their website. What some people may do is to go to their local garage sale within their neighborhoods and bargain for items at low prices, once they've bought the item they can then list it on eBay, you can do the same if you don't mind paying the listing fees, auctions fees, final value fees, and shipping.

Another way to make quick money is to sell your services. Perhaps you have some sort of skill that you can offer to people. You may be surprised at what people may pay you for. It can range from just simply posting links and writing content for someone's website. 


The main jobs that are on demand online these days includes, article writing, programming, website graphic developers, at times you can even get paid for making a video depending on where you look. is one place where you can go look for jobs that are on offer.

What Can I Sell To Make Money If I Want To Start My Own Business?

When starting out building a business online, most people would come to the question of "what can I sell to make money" and of course it is important to get this right the first time, but at other times it is not that important as there are thousands of people on the internet that can be your particular type of crowd that you want to market it, it doesn't matter what you sell as long as you can get your products in front of the people who would buy it.

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The most common advice you would get is to focus on a niche market. What this means is that you are trying to narrow down your marketing efforts and just focus on a particular group of people who would normally be interested in a certain category of things. 

For example, a niche market can be "cat lovers" and people who love cats, and these are the type of people you want to target. So the most important thing you have to do is to target your product range around cat products such as cat trees, cat food, books on how to train your cat etc. Once you master how to narrow down a niche and getting in front of your audience you should have no problems making money.

What Can I Sell To Make Money If I Have No Money To Begin With?

No if you have absolutely no money at all or have very little capital to invest in your online business, then you don't have to worry. Because right now the opportunities are limitless like I said earlier. 

When thinking about making money online, most people would assume that you need to have your own products and you need to list it on eBay or some other listing websites. What people tend to do is then they would go and buy merchandise at wholesale distributors or import them from overseas and then selling them online.

Doing business the traditional way of buying and selling is very outdated for the little guys, because sadly most people who start will have a hard time turning a profit, and most certainly won't make enough money to quit their jobs. This is due to the high overhead costs such as listing fees, auction fees, shipping costs and constantly having to restock their inventory or garage etc.

The best and only way for you to make money selling things online, without having any money down yet still give you the potential to earn a full-time living, is to sell other people's products. Believe it or not there are companies and people who would pay you up to 75% of the price of each time you make sale.

        You Don't Need To Have Your Own Products

Imagine having a business that automatically sells products for you around the clock, and you don't even need to have a products to sell, you can equally sell other people's products and they would be happy to split the money with you. This is called Affiliate Marketing, to find out how many thousands of people have become rich by doing this visit.

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Food Business You Can Start And Make Daily Profits Selling Food Business

You know how important a man whose stomach is? A hungry man is an angry man. That is where foodstuffs or foods are. Every man, old or young, adult or kid continue to frown or cry, refusing to laugh, make happy, talk, play, attend what people say or help to do this or that until they get foods to eat.


That is why people go into food business and make daily profits selling food business. It is hot. It can make them rich. It is what I call agriculture. It is foods people sow seeds for people to buy to eat daily. They eat the foods two, three, or four times daily. As long as there is population continually living, there will be demanded for food daily. 

That is where we come in. Food is the 1st food in the world. That is why many people are rich through foodstuff business in Nigeria. Food involves raw and or processing food substances and also beverages. 

Food business in Nigeria is really booming. It is fast economic growth daily even recession because every foodstuff marketer, farmer, food processor, local-food exporter and investors get paid in cash each time consumers eat it. 

Choose any food business you can jumpstart in Nigeria for less than N250, 000 if you want and earn money every day in eight hours from Monday to Saturday even Sunday. Starting any foodstuff business in Nigeria in the right place at the right time can buy you into financial freedom. 

It can buy you into whatever you want to do for instance, car, house, etc. It can make you rich if you know how to manage food business well.


Foodstuff business moves very fast. It is no recession. Your return on investment is guaranteed especially if you know how to manage the food business well.

Food business Ideas 

Stock report from several newspapers indicates that shareholders are moving more of their money into the food and beverage sectors on the (Nigerian) Stock Exchange. Image If you buy into either of these sectors, you now become a millionaire because Nestle sold at N60 per share as a result of economic downfall now sold N1000 per share and new stock namely International Brewers sold for between N3 and N6 now sell for N30 per share. That is why food is important.

              What Is Foodstuff Trading In Nigeria?

Buying and selling of raw and or processing foodstuffs in bulk—the items usually come in bag measured in kilogrammes. After which they are resold in retail to final consumers. 

We have wholesale and retail traders or dealers. However, some dealers have been innovation enough to repackage these food items for export purpose. It is credited by a columnist in the local newspaper. 


     How To Jumpstart Wholesale Food Business In Nigeria

I think I don’t have time to explain how you can jumpstart foodstuff business in Nigeria for less than N50,000 and grow big time, but if you want seriously to earn residual income daily trading foods in Nigeria, you need to get training from a known-well author through an e-book, knowing which level you want to operate, which food you should start, how to export local foodstuffs, where to buy cheap, etc. 

Even if you know about foodstuff business because it is simple, you must get good knowledge from a well-know author by getting your copy plus super bonus worth N5000 for only N2000.

According to an unknown author, “critical information is essential to business success. Critical is the value creation and information. If you don’t have appropriate information and whatever you are doing, you are limited. And whatever your ambition is, you are limited”. Until you invest in knowledge, you are limited. Get your copy For N2000 now!

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Clothing Retail Stores—Start Clothing Business

One of good business ideas you can start getting paid in cash from customers is clothing wholesale/retail business. I know many people excitedly plan to buy new sets of clothes, shoes, etc for this festival period in December, 2015. That gives you an opportunity to participate in clothing business.

Many people love clothes. They want to put on new clothes for party, festival period, etc. They want to flaunt it for one or other reasons. I know many big boys and big girls seem to like assorted casual wears. They will spend their hard-earnings on it. They will compete with one other in order to win girls or boys through clothes.

Some young people (or yahoo boys) who love nice guy or adore their clothes will spend on whatever they earn either illegally or legally. Even if they have good assorted clothes or wears, they will buy more sets of clothes if you show it to them that interest them.

This business is one of the best profits we ever know because as soon as there is dense population living, there will be demand for clothes based on by them. As soon as people outgrow their old wears, they will demand new wears or clothes to replace old ones with it daily. That is where we come in.
This business is hot we need to take advantage of.
                                  What Are Casual Wears or Clothes
There is a saying, ‘Fashion is not static’. Fashion has changing with time. So you must watch trends and plan it. We have various categories in clothing: Casual wears; traditional wears; formal clothing; ethic clothing; contemporary wears; designer wears.

But one of the most normal clothing people put on is Casual Wears. Casual clothing is the dress code which emphasizes comfort and personal expression over presentation and uniformity credited by a female interviewee in the local newspaper.

                                        Demand For Casual Clothing

One of the basic needs of man is clothing. For as long as human population continues to grow, there will be continuously demanded for clothing as I said above again.

As explained above, the casual clothing or wears fall under the category of informal clothing. The market for clothing in this category is high. It is huge. The demand cuts across the young and the old, gender and also those who are fashion or trend conscious.

For instance, traditionally, many office workers like bankers will put on an English or Native casual clothing or wears on every Friday. They want simplicity. They want it. That is their reason. The demand for casual clothing based by office workers is high. Casual wears are also put on at home; they are used for outings that are not so elaborate, for church, etc.

                   What Types Of Casual Clothing People Often Put On

 Some samples of casual wears men often put on are: Shirts (Polo, T-shirts, and short sleeves), faze caps, vest, boxers, jeans, combat, sandals, Pam slippers, belts, etc. In other ways, there are some examples of casual wears that ladies often put on are: skirt, blouse, (sex) or (night) gown, jeans, slippers, sandals, etc.
Those causal gendered clothing that are produced come from USA, UK, China, Dubai, Singapore, etc. We also have our own African style casual clothing.

                                               Start Clothing Business

If you want to start clothing business, there are four business models you can consider. The first model is to determine which business model you want to do—is it shop or a boutique, a car you want to do display your wares? The second model is to determine where you want to take to do the mobile marketing. 

The third model is to decide what type of gender you want to buy and sell clothing.  The last model is to decide what capital you want to start. Is it you want to start small or big? It is you who determine yourself.
                              Where To Buy cheap clothing in Wholesale

There is a city in Nigeria where you can buy cheap female/ or male clothing in wholesale and resell it for a good margin in retail. It is called Lagos because some Nigerian importers buy clothing online in bulk at
distributing price and sell it to retail buyers at wholesale. 

You can buy them assorted causal gendered wears from importers based in Lagos Island; International Trade Fair Complex, Lagos; Yaba market, Mandilas market or Idumagbo market in Lagos Island. You can also get somebody to supply you directly and cheaply abroad.

Contact me only in SMS for genuine suppliers’ websites and I will give it to you free for only N2500. You can import clothing cheapest from them. They are best suppliers online I ever know. I keep it selfish myself for reason.

                                                  Profit Potential  
You buy a set of original sport blue shoes for N1000 in Lagos as I did it before in 2004 and you resell it for N3000, making it bigger. I was surprised that my friend who saw it in my foot said he guessed it was N3000 because of its high quality. I refused to tell him that it was only N1000 I bought at Board road, Lagos because I wanted to sell it to him if he wanted it. 

Now, for instance, if you buy 24 pieces of male casual tops like Curtis shirts or female casual tops for N700 each and resell it each for N1500, how much do you make money after being deducted your expenses? Your net profit will be N19200. Is that great profit? 

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